Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Doug Carter Artist,.Fine Art " Bug Shack " 7 X 5 Board,.

This is a Snow Cone shack that has a rainbow painted bug as advertisement. Well it worked because it certainly caught my eye in a big way. The trick with this painting was to decide what to add and take out of the painting. I loved the shack and loved the Volkswagen couldn't make a decision. So as you can see I decided a little of both would work. Next was the value decisions the back side of the shack was to dark so I had to change it and give a little depth. May have painted the trees in the background to warm as well . I still want  to paint the bug by itself with all the colors going in and out of shadow quite the challenge. This is what I love about painting, each one brings new opportunities and challenges. You painters out there let me know what is your hardest challenge to paint. 

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