Sunday, April 27, 2014


Still exploring depth and especially color. I have changed my pallet to a warm and cool element for each color hue. I think it is paying off with a much better quality paintings. Values turning bluer the further back in the distance you go in a painting. I especially wanted the trees on the far side of this lake to recede. It was a very tranquil spot and the summer is about to take charge of the remaining signs of spring. They used to say in Texas up to 70 degrees tomorrow . Now they say down to 70 degrees tomorrow. What a change a month of time can make when it comes to a season. I was born and raised in NJ and we had a full four seasons year. In Texas now for 30 years and we have two seasons . Hot and Very Very hot. If you have any questions or thoughts  about this piece or any other painting let me know. Love talking art just give me an excuse.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This Painting reminds me allot about another sky favorite of mine " GOD'S PAINTBRUSH ".With over 900 views by far it is an favorite.  Daniel is my son and he sent me this picture on my phone and said Dad when I saw this I thought of you. So I called it  "DANIEL'S SKY " I have painted  a few sky's since that one and they don't get easier to paint however they sure look good when they work out. Below is my comment on my other painting mentioned above.

"The name comes from the fact that as hard as I try only GOD can get it right. Sky's absolutely fascinate me.
I will keep trying and hopefully get it. Until then look up at the sunset and enjoy His handy work. I notice that even with a small painting like this you still get the change in the sky's shift from lighter warmer on the right to darker cooler to the left. You can almost see the distant town in this picture through the close of the day. Tell me your thought. Enjoy."   Doug Carter

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

" Fire and Ice" SOLD

I'm calling the horse  "Fire and Ice"  That's all I could think of when painting this picture. The glow and contrast really make an impact. However the camera picked up more of the yellow than what I see in the painting. WOW, this was allot of fun for me and will be painting more like this . The idea of colors that actually work off each other.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I really like the difference painting on a gesso board. A smooth feel and the way the paint mixes very fluid. This will probably not be my last painting on one. Texas is full of lakes and I heard there are very few that are natural. Even thought these are yellow weeds it really made a impact on the painting and  subtle  reflection in the water. Every color is in harmony a very very happy accident. What ya think?