Wednesday, June 27, 2012

" Garden Glow "

Wanted to work on the dimension of distance in this study. I feel i could have added more distance to the back foliage. However I think I'm on to something here. Again it sure could have been a better picture still working on that. Have a great week and have fun Enjoy.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Water by itself has no color , It gets its color by reflecting things about it. The sky and a sunset sets the mood and the colors used.
As you can see the color of blue is in the shy however its only obvious in the darker shadows of the small rippling waves. The light  which is the sun glows of yellow filled the pure white. The far banks are grayed and blurred by the distance of atmosphere. I love the challenge of water the reflections of objects sky light and atmosphere. Give it a try you can go to the same spot and paint and have a different painting each time by the changes of the day, time and conditions. Wanted to share some water thoughts with this quick study.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This old mill was in the Road show and art appraisal fair. Was inspired by a artist friend and here she is. Someone just had to take it home SOLD. Thought you might wan't to take a look and see. 
We raised allot of money at the sale for Breckenridge Village.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Someone said that I must enjoy reflections and light . I think this may be true because of the challenge of capturing the effect. I'm still in the process of the craft God has given me. I'm certainly enjoying the journey of Art. I would be encouraged and enjoy your thoughts and feedback. Thanks and Enjoy.

Art Road Show and Appraisal Fair

This Was a GREAT Success hopefully one of many. We raised funds for a great cause Breckenridge Village of Tyler. We were able to sell our art along with the Appraisal Fair. WOW did we see some great art Learner quite a pit about what to look for in collecting Fine Art. I also was able to sell a few pieces of my own. Become a member of the Art League and join the fun
.Want to let you know we where able to raise a lot more money than I could imagine. Breckenridge put the funds in a account they started to raise money for a new van.