Sunday, May 18, 2014

" Camilla's Still Life "

I wanted something metal and shiny so I used my wife's stainless steel tea pot.  Like the Camilla's and just added the green grapes to compliment the red in the flower's. I like still life and the setup along with the lighting effect that you get to control . I have learned so much from my resent workshop. The thing that surprised me the most where the little things that mean allot to painting in general. I call it an tune up and well worth it. The painting is 10X better than this photo and will be hard to let go of. this is not a mini a stretch canvas 16 X 20. I  painted this against a thick tapestry  style drapery you can see the subtle waves of the material in the back ground. Who would have thought a shadow would look so cool , I think what makes it so cool is the fact its right next to the highlight. Another Happy Happy accident. enough gabbing let paint and have fun doing it.

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