Sunday, April 27, 2014


Still exploring depth and especially color. I have changed my pallet to a warm and cool element for each color hue. I think it is paying off with a much better quality paintings. Values turning bluer the further back in the distance you go in a painting. I especially wanted the trees on the far side of this lake to recede. It was a very tranquil spot and the summer is about to take charge of the remaining signs of spring. They used to say in Texas up to 70 degrees tomorrow . Now they say down to 70 degrees tomorrow. What a change a month of time can make when it comes to a season. I was born and raised in NJ and we had a full four seasons year. In Texas now for 30 years and we have two seasons . Hot and Very Very hot. If you have any questions or thoughts  about this piece or any other painting let me know. Love talking art just give me an excuse.

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