Sunday, May 19, 2013


This is the result of the finished demo, Would like to add maybe a few highlights to the sunset, however this seems powerful enough. I went a little much on the colors , if the dry grass looked warm went all the way , Or if they looks cool went to a purplish. Cool shadow went with a blue color,. closer greens more intense, further away dull green. As you can see on the left side all the way to a bluish purple for the more distant greens. Was a lot of fun mentioned to may times when they asked a question about a certain part of the painting. Was your eye drawn there if so should it? if not you need to change something about that spot .For instance change the contrast , or gray the color that caught your eye or remove the highlight that's there. If you wanted your eye there then just leave it. However keep looking away from your painting then back and reference what catches your eye and should it ?? Yes, leave it, no change it. Always having fun with Art.

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